New Design

Phew! Well, that turned into a bit more than “a few hours” being down for maintenance. Turns out that more was funky with the backend of the site than we initially thought and, well, we won’t bore you with the technical drivel because the point is we’re back! And we have a brand new design without all those pesky glitches that were making things run slow and strange.

All the old links still work, but we have a few new features you may have noticed. Most specifically we added some stuff to the footer to help in navigating through the site quickly and also link you to all our social networks around the web! You can also quickly see any of our recent additions to our portfolio and if all else fails there’s a trusty search box.

Here on the blog we cleaned up some of the typography issues we were battling with our old design and removed the clutter on our sidebar.

Anyway, we hope you all enjoy the new and improved ICGOLD Photography! And, of course, happy holidays!

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