Green Mountain Pug Rescue

Green Mountain Pug Rescue is a 503(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization serving Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and parts of New York State, including the Capital District. As the name suggests, they work with pugs and below are some of the pugs they have available that we’ve had the privilege of being shed on by. We’ll be updating this page with more adoptable pugs — and hopefully notices of adopted pugs as we’re privy to it.

Thanks to GMPR for all they do for these sweet dogs and for granting us this wonderful opportunity to aid in their cause.


“Gilbert is a big boy who just wants to snuggle. He is such a sweet boy and so happy just to lay by your side and be loved. That is his only wish!! He gets along with other dogs, but sometimes can get a little possessive if he is laying by your side and another dog wants to be there too. He is good with cats and he is housebroken. His back legs are a little stiff but with a little weight loss and a glucosimine and chondrotin supplement will help. I also believe Gilbert is deaf (or very hearing inpaired) so a home with small children would not be good for him.”

[Adopted as of 4/1/12]


“Hi, my name is Prince, I am a 21 lb 6 ½ yr old who just got busted out of a puppy mill. I am a little gun shy around humans at first because I have spent my whole life in a crate but my mom said in just a short few days I have made amazing progress. I’ve learned how to walk up and down the stairs, ride in the car and am learning how to do my business outside; I’m also getting this head tilt thing down. I love hanging with my foster moms pugs so if you have one or two I would just love that. With a little kindness and patience I am sure I will become the prince I was meant to be. I have not been around little kids yet but I am thinking they might be too much for me right now so if you have older kids I think that would be just fine. Please consider adopting me and I will reward you with a lifetime of love and snuggles.”

[Adopted as of 7/4/12]


“[Pip] is a total sweetheart and a very smart pup, we think she is blind but she gets around fine once she knows where she is. She has done awesome house training and will be someone’s very spoiled lap dog! What a goofy little face, her bottom little teeth are always sticking out.”

[Adopted as of 5/19/12]