Good News

This past Saturday several local shelters and rescue organizations gathered for an event at Colonie Center. We had a lot of fun chatting with some of the volunteers that we’ve been privileged enough to work with and we got some good news about some of GMPR friends!

We’re extremely happy to report that Gilbert was recently adopted. We wish him and his new family a long and happy life together! Also, Pip has a pending adoption and we’ve heard that people have expressed interest in Prince. We’re crossing our fingers that these two will also find their forever homes very soon and we’ll update again when we hear more.

Two Cute Pugs!

Due to a comedy of errors that left us standing outside in the chilly March air with dwindling light we had far too little time to spend with this cute duo, but they still managed to turn us into gibbering marshmallows. With faces like this, can you really blame us?


Prince (right) and Pip (left) are just two pugs that Green Mountain Pug Rescue has available for adoption. You can find out more about them and how to adopt a pug at GMPR’s site.


In case our pet photos weren’t clue enough, we’re quite the animal lovers here. We’ve recently started a partnership of sorts with some local rescues and shelters and Saturday we had our very first session with Gilbert. He’s a pug from Green Mountain Pug Rescue and he’s currently looking for his forever home.

Isn’t he just adorable? He was quite the little gentlemen and schmoozed right up to us as if we were fast friends. We met up with him and his foster mom at Crossings in Colonie – along with half of the Capital District also out enjoying the beautiful weather. If you’re interested in sharing your home with this little guy, head on over to GMPR’s website for details on how to adopt him or any of their other available pugs.

We’ve set up a section here at the site for Gilbert and any of the other adoptable friends we’re bound to meet through this new opportunity. But we’ll update here when we hear news on this little guy’s forever home.